404 Stone

Diamond blades Husqvarna VARI-CUT™ 542751359

  • Diamond blades Husqvarna VARI-CUT™ 542751359

404 Stone

Diamond blades Husqvarna VARI-CUT™ 542751359

  1. Easy-fit centre hole:  Our 'Easy-fit' system allows the expansion of the bore hole from 20.0 to 25.4 mm. This enables you to mount the blade on different types of machines (power cutter, table saw, floor saw). Applies to blade diameters up to 350 mm.
  2. Smooth and free-cutting start: The design of the segment provides a reduced contact surface in the concrete. This gives a quick start in a controlled manner, when applying a new blade.
  3. Good balance between performance and cost:  This diamond tool has a good performance/price ratio thanks to the high performance output in relation to the tool investment.
  4. Universal:  Developed for fast cutting in (reinforced) concrete, bricks and blocks. It allows you to cut a very wide range of materials with no need to change blades.
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