404 Stone

Power Cutters Husqvarna K535i

  • Power Cutters Husqvarna K535i

404 Stone

Power Cutters Husqvarna K535i

The Husqvarna K 535i is a lightweight battery power cutter with low vibrations and user-friendly ergonomics. The excellent power-to-weight ratio makes it a versatile addition for lighter land or hardscaping jobs and perfect for quick and efficient cuts. Suitable for concrete garden plates, granite, roof and floor tiles. K 535i is adaptable for wet and dry cutting. Fits with Husqvarna BLi200/300 batteries.(batteries sold separately)


Cutting equipment


Cutting depth, max

3 inches
(76 mm)

Product size length

22 inches
(560 mm)

Blade diameter, max

9.5 inches
(230 mm)

Product size width

8.7 inches
(220 mm)

Arbor diameter

0.9 inches
(22,2 mm)

Product size height

12.2 inches
(310 mm)

Blade thickness, max

0.12 inches
(3 mm)


3.5 kg

Peripheral speed, max

70 m/s



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